La Mora Siciliana

The production cycle of citrus juice and purees at LA MORA SICILIANA S.p.A. starts with the preparation of the mixtures and ends with their packaging in PET or glass bottles, and bag-in-box. The drinks or juice requested by our clients should ideally contain little or no gas, often have a rather high pH value, and be easy to digest. Technically, this also implies an “Ultra Clean” filling process executed at room temperature and without modification of the organoleptic qualities of the products. By handling the drinks or juice gently and carefully we are able to create recipes which answer the consumers expectations.

Environmental Impact

LA MORA SICILIANA S.p.A. has a photovoltaic plant of the latest generation with a power of 360 KW. This of cutting-edge solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

Rapid freezing

Another activity of our company is the rapid freezing of NFC natural citrus juice, by means of three Jackstone Freezing Systems Ltd plants, which quickly freeze the juice into blocks of 38kg packed in polythene bags. Because of its high added value, this product is intended for Italian companies leaders on the beverage market. The rapid freezing into blocks is an efficient and economical solution to keep, shift, transport and store the fruit juice while keeping its organoleptic characteristics.


At La Mora Siciliana, we rely on the skilled laboratories of the companies we work with but we turn to the best centres of analyses in Europe when more specific research is needed.

We have a regularly updated list of recipes created by our expert consultants, and we are able to study and develop with our clients any type of recipe for any product, biological or conventional.

Biological tests
Chemical tests
Physical tests
Gradeability tests
Sensory tests
Determining optimal chemical-physical parameters for replenishment
Testing for natural and accelerated shelf life
Recipe research and refining
Identification of ingredient parameters


Compared to other techniques, the “tube to tube” pasteurisation has the great advantage of limiting the thermic stress for the product, thus protecting the nutrients (for example vitamins) and organoleptic principles so sensitive to heat.

Bottling with “ULTRA CLEAN” technology
It prevents the introduction of microorganisms and impurities and guarantees a lasting and stable shelf-life.

The Cold filling is ideal for products with a short shelf-life, while Hot Filling is better for products with long shelf-life.

trasport & logistics

Transport by land, sea, air and rail.
Controlled temperature and refrigerated transport.
Transport outside the EU and compliance to USA standards

Trasport by land
Trasport by rail
Trasport by air
Trasport by sea
7000 m3 - 30°C


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